Thursday, May 10, 2018

Kali Malone - Cast Of Mind [Hallow Ground Promo]

Set for release on May 15th, 2k18 via the Hallow Ground-imprint is "Cast Of Mind", the sophomore album release of the America-born and Stockholm-based artist Kali Malone who is combining acoustic woodwind and brass instruments with the modular magic of a Buchla 200 synthesizer for her second longplay outing. Opening the album with its nearly 13 minutes spanning title track and a massive klaxon-like brass section we see tension build from the very first note, sending tingles down your spine when the high pitch of the Buchla tunes in with the every present, hypnotic low end of the brass set in its entirety whereas the following "Bondage To Formula" keeps on to progress on a similar path when it comes to its hypnotic pulses yet gravitates towards a softer, more Ambient-bound tonal attitude. With "Arched In Hysteria" Kali Malone gets deep under our skin with brooding, intense pulses of sawtooth synth bass accompanied by droning signals from the acoustic section before "Empty The Belief" finally provides a more buzzing, scientific and electrical take on the Ambient genre whilst at the same adding a hint of restlessness to its overall feel, mostly caused by thrilling, meandering tonal shifts in the tunes background. Quality stuff, this.


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