Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Grabek - Day One [Gustaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 18th, 2k18 via the Polish imprint Gustaff Records is "Day One", the third solo album put on the circuit by Wojtek Grabek. Presenting a bunch of nine tracks which are described by the producer as his most personal music he ever created he is digging deep into genres like (Neo)Classical and Ambient music, starting his journey with "Dawn", a scenic fusion of Synth-heavy, soft Ambient structures and nervous, experimental violin outings, followed by "Gravity" which brings on the most tender, romantic take on Piano Ambient meets stripped down rhythm signatures we've heard in a while before "Rain" is wandering even further into heartfelt romanticism and "Hide" is fusing (Neo)Classical arrangements with more floating synth figures and an intimate, yet longing vocal performance able to not only cross over between multiple audiences but also heal broken to smashed hearts and heavy heartache over the course of nearly 6 minutes. Roaming "Earth" we see Grabek discover a lively, yet minor chord piano motif of repetetive nature which pairs up nicely with an interesting Electronica background and synths of a crystalline, retrofuturist kind, "Heat" weighs in more of an intense, once again piano and violin driven vibe surely not lacking of melancholia before a more glitchy approach comes into play beatwise as well whereas "Run" provides more of a plangent touch, "Wave" seems to be on a dancier, yet complex and multilayered twist with a tongue-in-cheek note in terms of its well positive sub-structures and the final "Dusk" waves goodbye on a stripped down, inward looking tip like a stunning sunset at the shores of the vast oceans. You need this album in your life!


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