Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sami Baha - Free For All [Planet Mu 398 Promo]

Scheduled for release on June 1st, 2k18 on the long time running and ever creative Planet Mu imprint is the first longplay outing of the London-based Turkish producer Sami Baha who made a musical world debut on the same label with his "Mavericks EP" back in 2k16. Coming from a background of HipHop, especially being a rapper he moved onto production and surely made a step beyond his original realms with this musical outing, opening with "Cash Rain" which fuses crystalline melodies with elements of PostTrap and a general take on urban (bass) music, employs UK Drill vocalist Dimzy for a heavy gangsta stint with "Discreet", hunts down "Aliens" with a sparse, spaced out and dreamy musical composition and brings on a very playful, uplifting "Gambit" which will cause some havoc on both Trap and Grime floors for sure. "Thugs" is featuring the legendary DJ Nate on vocal duties, a collabo resulting in a massive Trap banger, the title track "Free For All" fuses heavy 808 works and seductive bassline waves with SinoGrime / Oriental influences for all the wave gods out there, "NAH" is fusing epic string layers, a sweet, tender main motif and slo-mo HipHop / Grime beats to a great late night effect whereas Yung Lean's vocal performance on "When The Sun's Gone" brings on a big smile to everyone's faces, transforming the tune into a big time party anthem for those who know. Furthermore we see a "Path Riot" cause dancefloor havoc with distorted horror basslines and twisted elements of Phonk, "Glory", a collab with Kufura, is a love space smash for the 140 ravers whilst "Ahl El M8na" featuring Dawsha and Abanob caters a quite dope Oriental / Arab HipHop vibe that one doesn't come across on a regular. Finally "Limbo" weighs in quite a bit of dope ass darkness before the closing "Cold Pursuit" caters a well surprising, slightly Tarantino'esque western / road movie attitude for those travelling long and dusty roads... alone.


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