Monday, November 26, 2018

Scanner - Mass Observation (Expanded) [Room40 Promo]

Another one track album released recently, this time via Australia's Room40 on October 5th, 2k18, is Scanner's "Mass Observation (Expanded)", a re-visit of Robin Rimbaud's legendary, seminal "Mass Observation" album once put on the circuit via Ash International a good 24 years ago back in 1994. Not only is this one of our favorite releases of all time which pushed the boundaries of Ambient / IDM to new levels, amalgamating electronic soundscapes with eerie, yet real life-related and presumably mostly illegal recordings from various sources, all taken off the kinda wire-tapped air surrounding Mr. Rimbaud at the time and leaving the listener behind with a dystopian unrest of ever present surveillance and an apocalyptic echo of what is '1984' as a movie having become real. Now, nearly a quarter of the century later, a new, previously unreleased variation on "Mass Observation" appears on the surface, stretched out over 53 minutes, slightly differing from the original cut, obviously noisier, more digital and yet oozing with unease, slightly sped up and therefore lacking quite a bit of depth in comparison to the originally released cut we all used to love and appreciate so much back in the day. But still, an interesting alternative cut this.


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