Sunday, November 25, 2018

Book Of Air Vvolk - Se (In) De Bos [Sub Rosa 444]

Released via Sub Rosa on October 26th, 2k18 is "Se (In) De Bos", the new album by the conceptual Book Of Air-project, composed by Stijn Cools and this time performed by the 18 musicians group Vvolk. Following up to the 2016 Book Of Air album also entitled "Vvolk" this one is a straight up one-track album of 60 minutes length, slowly moving forward through billowing Ambient landscapes of sheer untouched beauty, seamlessly undergoing careful transformations and providing a blueprint for the genre in 2018 despite being - in opposite to the vast majority of Ambient albums out there - performed on real life instruments in one recording session, a fact that is stunning and highly fascinating as even experts on the genre won't be able to make out much of a difference due to the albums soothing, calm and dreamlike high end quality. Recommended.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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