Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Vera Sola - Shades [Spectraphonic Records]

Put on the circuit via the new label Spectraphonic Records on November 9th, 2k18 and already announced on these pages with video features for both its songs "Small Minds" and "The Cage" earlier this year is "Shades", the new album by Danielle Aykroyd a.k.a. Vera Sola, American-based artist and daughter of the famed Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd. Besides the two aforementioned songs the longplay piece, all produced and recorded by Vera Sola on her own, features eight more tunes, starting with the deeply dramatic, slightly Country'esque vibe of "Virgil's Flowers", followed by the more uplifting, positive, theatrical and surely PostPunk-infused "The Colony" whilst "Circles" is on a eerie, tense and inward-looking tip of minimalist, stripped down quality for late night listening sessions and "For" gravitates more towards an ethereal, yet emotional Folk vibe that surely sends shivers down everyones spine for a reason. Furthermore "Black Rhino Enterprises" employs a touching, seductive Dark Country attitude for those who know, "Loving, Loving" is as ballad'esque and of fragile beauty as its title suggests, partly evoking memories of ballads performed by German PostPunk- / Dark Pop-outfit NO MORE whilst "By Mothlight" could be a perfect melancholia-inducing post breakup song before "New Nights" finally gets deep into the realms of sparse, spatial, yet climaxing piano ballads, showcasing Vera Sola's stunning vocal abilities to the max. Well remarkable, this.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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