Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Jan Nemecek - Recurrences [Ous Promo]

To be released via Ous on November 30th, 2k18 is "Recurrences", the new eight track album created by the ever active sound and recording artist known as Jan Nemecek. Opening with "Alone" Nemecek sets the course for things to come with a crackly, blurred, misty approach towards the Ambient genre, bringing on a multiple layers of cold, clean and frosty sounds whereas the follow-up "Feel Safe" combines dreamy piano and guitar sections with drifty, slightly distorted harmonies and "I Pretend" brings forth more tender, yet shaky guitar works alongside reprocessed vocals, seemingly modular bleeps, more blurry athmospheres, experimental string works and DubTechno inspired echoes. With "Organs" we see Jan Nemecek going deep into slow moving, spatial Ambient territories, "Incidents I - II" caters a darker, more sci-fi related take on the genre bordering unsetttling Electronica and "Saws (Beats)" provides a weird, distorted variation of Classical Synth attitude - think Wendy Carlos' "Switched On Back" in full on experimental mode, kind of - before drifting off into a bass heavy stop-and-go Electronica realm. With "Foreverness" Jan Nemecek makes a return to cold'ish, piano-led vibes introduced at the beginning of the album which are slowly progressing into a warmer, all embracing tonality before "Sums" provides a final variation of nervous UnAmbient slightly reminiscent of Marcus Popp's early works as Oval back in the 90s.


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