Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Unknown War Heads - Timebomb EP [Psychocandies 073]

Upcoming on the Psychocandies imprint on November 22nd, 2k18 is the "Timebomb EP" by the Unknown Warheads project  which is delivering a set of three highly nuclear fueled tunes to all dancefloors out there. Opening with "Daddys Riders" the journey starts with pure mental destruction in terms of gooey, psychodistorted MonoAcid reminiscent of the former Mainz-based Labworks Germany label whilst "Kalium" brings forth a deep, highly seductive bass groove for an ultimate mind trip whilst the tracks' main motif keeps harking back to spaced out ProtoTrance and maximum beauty for all lovers of classic Intelligent Techno before the final cut "Patty Pinku" provides more of a raw, unprocessed Tribal Acid Techno experience. A future classic, this.


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