Monday, April 15, 2019

Hackedei - Hits Mit Hack [Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse 075]

 Released back in April 2k17 this little fun side-project of Xotox is nothing but an ode to ground meat / minced meat - depending on which side of the English speaking world you do live. From an epic, unprecedented artwork to individual track titles everything on this limited to 40 copies worldwide, ten tracks and 30 minutes spanning cassette tape release points towards its main theme and in some way or the other the music follows along the lines as well. From dark'ish, repetetive and surely cult'ish percussive Techno to experimental highspeed workouts to brutal HarshNoize meets Rhythm Industrial meets Dada excursions, electronic FreakFolk-loops and brooding DarkWave / Illbient the journey goes on the A-side whereas Hackedei provides more musical madness on the flip, bringing forth more Rhythm Industrial / Grind Illbient crossovers alongside beautiful IDM / Electronica, alarming Unformatted Techno and even a trip into a realms of DarkAmbient / Industrial Ambient for a closing. Over the top madness that's not recommended for vegans at all but highly enjoyable for lovers of ground meat and experimental electronics.


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