Monday, April 15, 2019

Hanam Quintet - Live At Nikodemus Church [Aut Records 044]

Released via Aut Records on April 8th, 2k19 is "Live At Nikodemus Chruch", a live recorded conceptual album piece by the improvisational group that is the Hanam Quintet based on individual compositional ideas prepared by single members of the group being performed and developed in the given context. Starting with the nearly ten minutes spanning "Dreamhouse" the pack of five musicians presents a sparse, tender and mostly piano based take on romantic, heartfelt melancholia in Contemporary Classical music meets Jazz Noir moving forward into a wild, chaotic crescendo climax, "5 Miniaturen" brings exactly this within less than 5 minutes runtime, being mostly on the flurry side of things vibewise and "5 Q" goes from a slightly tongue-in-cheek start to the land of enchanted sceneries and beautiful magic pixies frolicking through the meadows. With "Free Transition 1" the Hanam Quintet moves forward in a highly dynamic way, swinging back and forth between quiet passages and hefty climaxes whereas "Bubble Cry, Fly" is as close to classical Jazz structures and (Neo)Classical romanticisms as it will get on this well free floating album although elements of massive erupting turmoil are to be expected. Furthermore the "Fog Panorama" unveils a buzzing early morning vibe brought to life by nervous high pitched piano tones and oscillating strings before a deep FutureJazz feel slowly starts to take over, accompanied by the first ever vocals found on this album. The "Free Transition 2" is in for a more tender, natural and Jazz Noir infused atmosphere again and the final cut that is "No Rulers" explores a quite brooding, danger-indicating and nervous sonic theme for a closing that induces restlessness even to die-hard lovers of scores and classic b-movie flics. A well demanding album for an expert audience.

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