Friday, April 12, 2019

Brotherhood - Oak [Aut Records 045]

Put on the circuit via Berlin's Aut Records-imprint on April 8th, 2k19 as one of four albums released on the label on this day is "Oak" by Brotherhood, a duo comprised of Tobia Bondesan and Michele Bondesan working their way through sax and double bass territories over the course of eight tracks and a full hour playtime. Opening with the tender, high quality FutureJazz outing "If In Doubt Ask" the duo paves the way for great things to come, like the brooding late night darkness and melancholia of "Ebony" which is paired with a busy FreeJazz attitude at times whereas the follow up named "Little Peace Song" proves that there's room for a little tongue-in-cheek humour in ultraminimalist Jazz compositions. Furthermore "Damballah Weddo" focuses on experiments in high-pitched sax notes, "Tiamat" brings forth more of a dark'ish, unsettling and danger-heralding atmosphere before evolving into a meditation on plucked bass strings and the "Extemporary Song" dives deep into quality BarJazz territories for those digging an easier, tender and slightly romantic vibe musically. Finally "Mumble Rumble" sees Brotherhood on a highly experimental, partially somewhat even Field Recording-resembling tip that turns into full on furious Improv madness whilst the concluding cut named "If In Doubt Search" provides a lesson in fragile, hyperminimal recording techniques and tenderness in experimental music for a closing.


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