Thursday, April 11, 2019

Di.Aria - Life Is A Ping Pong Delay [Gusstaff Records]

Released in February 2k19 via the Poland-based imprint Gusstaff Records is "Life Is A Ping Pong Delay", the latest album project realized by composer Hania Posik who employs the nom de guerre Di.Aria for this conceptual longplayer dealing with the idea of music being a universal language resonating not only with humans but also other beings around. This said, the album opens with "Farewell. Apologies", a percussive, looped musical piece based on a heartbeat-resembling, yet vary-speed drum foundation accompanied by various layers of clanging loops and ethereal, floating melodies of crystalline nature whereas the follow-up "Hi. Frequency" provides a 14 minute journey into electroacoustic composition mixed with rhythmic, yet slightly blurry (Piano) Ambient variations and a quite innocent, naturalistic feel. With "Rainy. Bovaster" Hania Posik explores more crystalline, slightly distorted Ambient in combination with cut up, reprocessed vocal samples from the outerworld over the course of less than four minutes before the concluding cut "8" brings forth more of a haunted, ritualistic and spine-tingling approach towards droning experimentalism in combination with backward playbacks of the artists vocal performance.


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