Sunday, April 07, 2019

El Atalaya - Respect My Ability EP [Psychocandies 076]

Forthcoming on the ever active Psychocandies-imprint is El Atalaya's "Respect My Ability EP", a digital three tracker brought to us by the artist as a first ever appearance on the label. Opening with the tunes original version we see El Atalaya providing a slamming, hard-hitting PsychoAcid killer of a tune based on braincell wrecking modulations and hammering, hypercompressed bassdrums whereas "Respect My Ability (Version 2 Mix)" sees El Atalaya on a still Acid-based, yet more lively, playful and positive tip that could be classified as Happy Acid if you want to open a new drawer stylewise. Finally "Respect My Ability (Sascha Müller Hard Acid Remix)" speeds up things for a reason and provides a cut bordering both Hardcore, Rave and killer HardTrance that would've turned into an instant hit back in 1994. Excellent stuff for real Acid headz.


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