Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Erlend Apneseth Trio With Frode Haltli - Salika, Molika [Hubro Music]

Released via the Norwegian Hubro Music imprint on May 24th, 2k19 is this next and newest collaboration of the busy Erlend Apneseth Trio, led by Hardanger fiddle maestro Erne Apneseth himself, with highly regarded accordionist Frode Halti which, together, cater a new longplay piece comprised of seven tracks, spanning approx. 33 minutes in total. Opening with "Mor Song" we see the collaborating artists explore a world of soft, dreamy Ambient pads and plucked strings for total relaxation, combining this deep ChillOut attitude with crackly Spoken Word recordings, the title track "Salika, Molika" brings forth a quite familiar female singing voice which we might've heard in another place before reciting what seems to be an ancient Folk song of the past atop an intense, grooving Balearic arrangement whereas "Cirkus" starts on what seems to be a Field Recording tip only to progress into spaced out Indietronics infused by quite a bit of Dub and other playful and mulitlayered musical goodness with, once again, a sweet killer groove for those in the know. Furthermore "Pyramiden" indulges in what can be described as a mixture of a vintage retrofuturist sci-fi intro followed by a well beautiful, naturalistic song structure waltzing over and through untouched meadows, "Takle" tackles more Field Recordings, tongue-in-cheek sample abuse and a combination of uplifting Slow- / RomanticHouse mixed with banjo'esque string plucking also appealing to followers of the ElectroSwing movement for a reason before "Solreven" slows down to musically depict the beauty of a hot and lazy late summer afternoon seamlessly progressing into the final cut "Kirkegangar" which beams us back in time where we are experiencing the beautiful Nordic Folk of our ancestor first hand. Nice.

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