Saturday, June 22, 2019

Kasper Skullerud Vaerges & Andreas Wildhagen - Troposgrafien [Nakama Records 015]

Put on the circuit via the Norwegian label Nakama Records just recently is "Troposgrafien", the most recent longplay outing by the performing drums / percussion meets saxophone duo Kasper Skullerud Vaerges & Andreas Wildhagen. Recorded throughout times of rehearsal back in 2016 their new album presents a whole of five compositions stretched out over roughly 44 minutes, presenting a somewhat minimalist, acoustic interplay between the two artists ranging from intimate, more classical Jazz episodes to raw thundering excesses of FreeJazz and pure improvisation, at times both featured within one tune or, as it appearingly seems to be, switching seemingly seamlessly from the opener "Jord Og Muld" to the subsequent "Magma", which is the most violent and excessive cut on this album whereas "Ødet" seems to indulge in deep, heartfelt melancholia and a certain yen to see distant places of sorts. Furthermore "Skysoveren" engages in a more lively take on hyperintimate Jazz before the thundering craze starts once again, weighing in a hint of oriental vibes at times and the final "Grus Gjennom Luft" provides a mere 14 minutes of fully fledged FreeJazz for those who can take a hefty, yet meandering overdose of sonic events per second. Defo a specialists release for die-hard Jazz fans, this.

Crossed out album artwork on Instagram!


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