Monday, June 24, 2019

Synaesthesis - Another Point Of View: Lithuanian Art Music [Music Information Centre Lithuania]

Put on the circuit recently via the cultural institution that is the Music Information Centre Lithuania is "Another Point Of View: Lithuanian Art Music" which sees the ensemble Synaesthesis play, perform and interpret a variety of seven compositions stemming straight from the heart of the countries art music scene. Led by renowned pianist Marta Finkelstein the group openes with "Cell", a work composed by Ricardas Kabelis in 1992 which presents itself as a hypnotic, meandering and ever spiralling piece of (Neo)Classical music with an undeniably tense and score'esque quality before "State Of Mind (Observance)" written by Julius Aglinskas brings forth a beautiful, dramatic and piano-driven Ambient vibe as our favorite piece on the longplayer whereas Ramunas Motiekaitis' "After Sunset Cycles" indulges in tender prepared piano minimalisms evolving into curious, light-hearted intermingling structures over the course of 8+ minutes. Furthermore the "Canon Mensurabilis" by Rytis Mazulis sees Synaesthesis perform thrilling, intense, trance-inducing serial repetitions of a well psychedelic nature, "From Another Point Of View" by Dominykas Digimas brings forth dark'ish, vibrating string arrangements and a certain ruminant vibe whilst Rita Maciliunate's "Koan" incorporates elements of Jazz Noir / Score Noir into a tight, stripped down and outerworldly compositional approach and the final cut "ASMR", composed by Andrius Arutiunian, introduces a tender Spoken Word piece accompanied by a full on score of ever changing elements ranging from Post-PostRock and Desert Blues to dreamy pianos and way beyond. Recommended.

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