Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Soft Grid - Agency [Antime 025 Promo]

Put on the circuit via the Berlin-based Antime-imprint is "Agency", the sophomore album release by Soft Grid and their first full length release after their 2016 debut "Corolla". Spread out over 38 minutes playtime the trio brings us five new cuts on this longplay piece, opening with "PPPY CNNN", which starts as a tense, yet dream-like take on naturalistic DesertIndie before thundering, complex drums provide quite a bit of a drive alongside krautsy basslines and meandering synth figures whereas the follow up that is "Airplane" weighs in a rocky, muscular attitude fusing (Neo)Cosmic vibes with bits of Psychedelia, proper BluesRock and killer vocals meant to be stuck in your eardrums for now and ever. Furthermore the subsequent "Mother Tongue" goes deep into banging Indietronica realms, providing a well thought out electronic drum foundation, intricate melodies and beautiful widescreen choruses that are about to resonate with followers of labels like Anticon. as well, "A Century Behind" brings forth a well epic synth intro reminiscent of large scale FuturePop only to take a surprising, and massive, turn towards stripped down Indie / PostRock fusion meandering  in between Downbeat sequences and thundering stadium rockisms before the final title track "Agency" weighs in brutal military drums and a sweet contrast provided by the bands vocal harmonies as well as large scale electric guitar solos for a bit of an extra thrill before coming to a well peaceful and even slightly folksy conclusion with super soft pianos and echoes of echoes of a jazzy vibe.


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