Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Sascha Müller [Supersix Records Extra 086]

Fresh on the circuit via the unstoppable, ever busy imprint Supersix Records is Sascha Müller's new untitled twelve track album which sees the Uelsen-based producer embark on another journey into quality electronic music. Opening with a "Homage An Dr. Böhm's Hobbyton" we're drawn straight onto the dancefloor by a positive, playful take on lo-fi Electro, "Hypnoticum" provides a droning, spiralling and, well, hypnotizing Techno / AcidTechno affair for dark psychedelic dancefloor experiences whereas "I Have Seen The Earth For 2 Minutes" brings back a fusion of dubbed out Ambient pads and spaced out ChillOut Electro once highly popular in legendary TV shows like the infamous HR3 Space Night whereas "Induktorspule" will resonate with friends of raw, dark ToolTechno and underground oldskool bunker parties for a reason. Furthermore "Interference Muster" kills punters brains within seconds, providing a well trippy variation of spiralling Acid garnished with interesting clap rhythms and bouncy background beats, "Jack Me" deals with stripped down to the bone electroid MinimalTechno and an impressive, fluttering low-end, "Jack My Radio" comes across like a love child of Robin Rimbaud's Scanner project and, again, bouncy, loop-oriented Minimal Techno and the "Japanese Gameroom 2" brings forth a rare glimpse into Sascha Müller's vision of athmospheric Intelligent Drum'n'Bass for the oldskool heads. With "Kernkraft" the German producer presents a sweet minimal synth melody atop of raw, slightly distorted and merciless Rave Techno, "Klangformung" is on a jumpy, jacking and well positive Acid trip, "Klostermesse" uses ecclesiastical choirs as a backdrop for busy Electro structures and bouncy 4/4 beats to form a Rave anthem par excellance and the final cut named "Kommerz Epos" drifts off into beauteous vintage Ambient territories backed up by decent electroid breakbeats for a warm, all embracing closing. Great stuff.


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