Sunday, June 23, 2019

Niklas Adam - Undulate [Sofa Music]

Released on May 31st, 2k19 via the ever active imprint Sofa Music is "Undulate", the label debut for Oslo-based, 1986-born composer Niklas Adam who is presenting two well-extended compositions on this longplayer. Opening with the nearly 16 minutes spanning "Gestures, Percussion Solo, Jungle" we see explore Niklas Adam a specific take on percussion-focused minimal composition in which the empty, silent space between the short sonic outbursts seems to be even more important than the sonic information itself, providing a regular yet non-regular sequence of sonic events, each of these similar yet different to its specific precursor. Later on throughout the course of the track we 're even facing retrofuturist, electroacoustic or modular bleeps with a certain computational tongue-in-cheek twist and an undeniable sense for captivating low end sweeps. The follow up, the 19+ minutes long "Other Solutions And Mimicking Object A" brings forth a more Clicks'n'Cuts-oriented approach to composition, fusing highly detailed and perfectly sculpted digital tones with what seem to be Field Recordings and respiratory sounds, more modular sweepings as well quirky reprocessed vocalisms which come in as an unexpected, full-on surprise and immediately turn this already great track into a winning one even before epic organ emulating synths weigh in an extra portion of fully fledged gravitas for a closing. Highly recommended, this.

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