Monday, July 08, 2019

Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett - Live [Umland Records 023]

Fresh on the circuit via the ever active Umland Records label is "Live", the first release by the Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett which is aiming towards the amalgamation of both Jazz and Classical influences within the setting of a live performance, with the Jazz section of the group providing the foundation and the Classical string quartet weighing in complementing elements, melodies and sequences. This combination results in quite interesting textures over the course of the album for sure, providing a feeling of twisted and warped DesertBlues / Desert PostRock in the opening tune "RFC" whereas the "Mäandertaler" indulges in what could be described as tenderly floating, slightly krautsy PostRock for real genre connaisseurs and "IFAS" weighs in echoes of oriental / arab music to create a subtle, captivating groove monster for hot and steamy summer nights. With "Ja Klar" we see the Heiner Rennebaum Doppelquartett explore a realm of deeply relaxing, smoky late night Jazz melancholia, "Solitut" weighs in a soft, continuous stream of tender, twangy and inward looking experimentalism as well as a touch of - again! - DesertBlues before drifting off into a more free floating Jazz approach bordering on Improv / FreeJazz at times whereas "Pianavia", the last track on this live recorded album, brings forth a short scenic vibe accompanied by well dramatic string swells and imminent tension for a thrilling closure. Good stuff!


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