Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Adrian Løseth Waade - Kitchen Music [Nakama Records 018]

Scheduled for release on September 27th, 2k19 via Norway's Nakama Records imprint is Adrian Løseth Waade's "Kitchen Music", a six track piece in which the renowned Jazz musician and violin player approached music from a different angle only to deliver his first solo album ever. Working with likeminded artists like Kjartan Laegreid Gullikstad, Bardur Reinert Poulsen and Simon Olderskog Albertsen in the realisation and recording process we defo see where the albums title is coming from, diving deep into a mellow, intimate, easy variation of Contemporary Jazz which reveals mastership and advanced techniques when one listens closely, yet can also function as a soothing, organic and highly comforting background music played on repeat for hours throughout extended, deep and intimate candlelight conversations, preferably happening in your loved ones kitchen, accompanied by a bottle of wine... or many. But don't you dare to mistake this one for an Easy Listening album as highly complex, syncopated drums like those to be found in Adrian Løseth Waade's "Morning Routine" will bring shattering nightmares to those looking for easy 'easy' for a reason. And yet "Fuglens Cabaret" would be perfect complementing BarJazz score for a smokey, slightly rundown venue serving a selection of the best classic cocktails and longdrinks in town.

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