Monday, September 23, 2019

Frode Haltli - Border Woods [Hubro Music]

Just put out on the album circuit via Hubro Music on September 13th, 2k19 is "Border Woods" , the latest album by Norwegian composer and accordionist Frode Haltli realized in conjunction with Emilia Amper on nyckelharpa as well as Hakon Stene and Eirik Raude on percussion. Opening their six track album with "Wind Through Aspen Leaves" the quartet creates something in between naturalistic Score Ambient, echoes of echoes of (Neo)Classical music and an omnipresent mythical vibe whereas the nearly 16 minutes spanning "Mostamägg Polska" resonants and vibes with ancient Folk and frolicking fiddle before turning full on Ambient over the compositions final quarter whilst "Wood And Stone" provides a short interlude catering fascinatingly raw, tribalistic polyrhythms. With "Taneli's Lament (Sorrow Comes To All...)" Frode Haltli and his fellow musicians explore deep, unchallenged autumnal melancholia , "Valkola Schottis" brings forth eleven minutes of tender intimacy only to be shared with a dear loved one by one's side and "Quietly The Language Dies"  finally waves goodbye in a slightly sad, solemn and bemoaning manner emotionally somewhat reminiscent of a rising sun over ancient, misty battlefields of yore and therefore destined to be used in the score of a future period film for a reason.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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