Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Letters - Humersbotle [self-released tape single]

Coming in alongside a bunch of other mysterious cassette tapes sent straight to our postbox by the man known as Thomas Janitzky, who seemingly is the creative mastermind behind this project, is Letters' "Humersbotle" - a beautiful orange / green cassette single without further information on track titles or label information. Relying on and referring to the tapes musical content only the A-side provides a take on beautiful classic Electronica sounds in the vein of Move D's seminal "Kunststoff" album before taking a turn towards cut up R'n'B-references atop of classy, electroid beats with a dancefloor moving swing, experimental loop techniques and more abstract beat goodness as well as bits of syncopated UK Urban / Post Garage whereas the flipside goes even deeper into a collage'esque vibe with short rave signals, low end 808 loops, multiple layers of surface noise and more musical eclecticism for those who can handle it. We love this.


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