Friday, September 27, 2019

Skarbø Skulekorps - Skarbø Skulekorps [Hubro Music]

What happens when a band-leading drummer is facing the fact that the singer of his former band waves goodbye after a little more than a decade and is not to be replaced? Well, he starts to approach music composition from a totally different, not necessarily drum-focused angle and forms a new project. At least this is what Øyvind Skarbø did after his former outfit 1982 fell apart, only to come back with his seven member strong Skarbø Skulekorps for a debut release on Hubro Music which was also the previous home to his bands releases. And Mr. Skarbø is coming back big time for sure. Whilst the opener "1-555-3327" evokes memories of super slick 70s Yachtpop before giving way to occasional bits of wild Jazz we see the follow up "Turnamat" bringing forth a spaced out, vintage and slightly tongue-in-cheek UltraFunk attitude mixed in with a bit of a Novelty Music aspect whereas "Pillabue" is a deep and caressing take on Easy Listening Space Jazz. "Four Foxes" is going down in a super seductive 80s manner, immediately evoking memories of Miami Vice, VHS tapes, wild hair and filters as well as then cool animal print lingerie for a reference as blueprint of what truly can be defined as bedroom music even though the mid-track breakdown might cause some short lived irritation before "Farrier And The Hoof" introduces a dangerous crime scene vibe before taking a turn towards big time drama and the definition of cool whilst "Lysets Hastighet" is an instrumental fest for fans of anything Yacht-related for a reason. Furthermore "Kado" provides loads of good vibes with its well positive, twisted and playful Dancefloor Jazz attitude, "Gliploss" even introduces bits of a Folk vibe in a very special and ultimately unique way which finally results in a future hit to be on highly advanced, open minded dancefloors before "50 MB RAM" sends us off with a melancholic take on spaced out Future Jazz only to provide some surprising muscular 80s Rock drumming throughout the tunes very last minute. File under: Essential goodness.
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