Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Way Out - Yes We Are [Insula Music 018]

To be released on the Danish label Insula Music as their 018 is "Yes We Are", the third album effort put together by the Jazz quartet that is The Way Out, comprised of TS Hawk, Mads Egetoft, Jonathan Aardestrup and Jens Lopes. Coming at their fans and an ever growing audience with a total of 14 new tracks and a beautifully designed cover artwork the four musicians present a storming, fast-paced approach towards the avantgarde-oriented side of genre with the hounded, head-over-heels opener "The Fly" which defo is bordering FreeJazz at times and paves the way for things to come although the group isn't necessarily keen to focus on one aspect of their work solely. The follow-up "Oh C Parade" is aimed at swinging uptempo dancefloor audiences with a percussive, yet slightly stripped down approach whilst tunes like "A Pretty Wrecking Crew" bring forth a droning, klaxon'esque and yearning short piece of sorts, "Freeing The Old Masters" caters the most laid back, smokey and vintage vibe to be found on this longplayer before moving forward into breakneck speed territories, insane duo sax interactions and a complex percussion climax whilst "Scratch" takes on a special repetetive swing and well captivating groove for b-boys and fly girls just to name a few. Check this one out if you're a Jazz fan from the heart.


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