Monday, September 30, 2019

baze.djunkiii Charts 10/2019

01. Chavinski - I'll Keep Her Safe Boy [Sneaker Social Club]
Not much to say about this but this is the best update and revival record the genre known as SpeedGarage could've hoped for. Keeping things real on an original uptempo House Music referencing vibe of which the genre originated from in the 90s and adding some great cut up wizzardry in terms of vocal abuse all of the three tracks on this stamped 12" whitelabel are levels with the A-side immediately taking the throne in terms of being an alltime SpeedGarage favorite of mine. Get.

02. TV Victor - Moondance [Tresor Berlin]
TV Victor. A name that stuck deeply engrained in my memory ever since my teenage me couldn't afford his "Trance Garden 1-3" back in 1994 just because my allowance wouldn't allow for it at the time. His "Moondance" album even harks back further, originally released back in 1989 as an essential piece of ProtoAmbient which even incorporated elements of Dub and echoes of echoes of PostPunk as well as a certain Tribal element in its production and therefore is not only a great album in its own right but also an essential piece of electronic music history for a reason. Get.

03. Toni Moralez - Nawty Trax 2 [Falling Apart Records 008]
The return of GhettoBass / Ghettotech is nigh and Toni Moralez' "Nawty Trax 2" are as naughty as the title of this five track EP suggests. This is sex music and pure sex music alone, even though the booty take on Kelis' "Milkshake" is quite a cheeky, popping party track as well.

04. TV Victor - Back To The Moon [Lullabies For Insomniacs 015]
It's rare that two records, don't even speak of albums, by the same artist make it into a single top ten list of mine but there's always an exception to the norm and as the Lullabies For Insomniacs-imprint has unearthed and remastered a bunch of four extended cuts from the unreleased archives of German Ambient hero Udo Heitfeld a.k.a. TV Victor there is a pretty good reason to employ this specific rule. Deep, slow moving and slightly tribalistic natural Ambient sounds and rhythm signatures, an overall organic feel, dubbed out cymbal crashes and a dissolving effect on space-time is what Ambient floors missed out on in 1994/1995 when these tracks were originally produced and it's a pleasure to finally listen to these gems more than two decades later.

Another quite mysterious - and one-sided - bootleg 12" whitelabel release here which is bringing forth a slightly UK-influenced take on growling, yet tool'ish TechHouse sounds paired with fragile, tender Indie(Pop) vocals of unknown origin with these elements falling perfectly together to provide a tune that might be the ultimate revelation and climax of an otherwise tight and super dark primetime set or an anthem for all lovers out on the dancefloor due to its piano induced beauty.

06. Andromeda Orchestra - Don't Stop [Faze Action Records 040]
Disco. Nothing but Disco. This what's to be found on this massive 12" release which defo is harking back to the underground hey-day of the genre despite delivering a new and authentic 2019 production - including a so-called 'Special Extended Mix" on 33rpm to keep things real for real. Great stuff.

07. Phuture - Acid Track [Afro Acid Plastik]
Let's set thing straight first: the world doesn't necessarily need a set of 35 remixes of Phuture's "Acid Track". Yet it still seems to be a nice concept to celebrate DJ Pierre's 35 years anniversary behind the decks with a set of seven coloured 12" releases, each of them hand-numbered and limited to 500 vinyl copies worldwide. On this first part of the series we see KiNK providing a super solid uptempo Acid affair, Bloody Mary's electroid interpretation makes the deal as it evokes great memories of Wink's epic Breakbeat Acid affair that was "Higher State Of Consciousness" and Analog Kitchen on B2 adds a unique take with adding Spoken Word interview snippets by DJ Pierre to his interpretation of the classic which adds quite a but of historic weight to the re-imagination of "Acid Track".

08. Dub-Stuy meets Jahdan Blakkamoore - The Linkage [Dub-Stuy Records]
Dope beats, HipHop vibes, deep basslines and Reggae / Raggamuffin-referencing vocals - that's quite an explosive mixture and this is exactly what this 12" EP is delivering over the course of five tracks and each one is a banger in its own right that takes us back to a mid- to late 90s freestyle vibe without sounding dated or dusted at all. Especially "Round Of Applause" is a humungous killer tune and demands a rewind or two each time it's blasted through a massive system.

09. Cosima - Ploaia [Pingipung / Future Nuggets]
Probably this one can be referred to as a Novelty Record of sorts but it's a well seductive one, pairing longing Romanian Pop- and Vintage-referencing vocals as well as dreamy guitars with an electronic take on Dub to create something new and fascinating, taking what might be called Leftfield Pop by some to a next, exciting level.

10. Pharmacom - Switched On Game Boy (The Complete Concert) [Pharmacom Records]
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