Sunday, September 29, 2019

Natura Est - Second [Mahorka]

It's been about a year since Andreas Davids and Tony Young, both known as solo artists under their guises Xotox and Autoclav1.1 respectively, joined forces for the first album of their conjunctional project named Natura Est and now they are back for a second longplay shot which is aptly titled: "Second". This time put on the circuit via the Mahorka-imprint we see the duo catering a selection of six brand new productions spread out over the course of 37 minutes in which they're well following the path they started their journey on. The opener "The Peat & The Fog" brings forth an unexpectedly busy take of cold Ambient movements and a multilayered feel of hollow desolation followed by the icy, glacial movements of "Lowland" which surely is bordering the DeathAmbient genre before "The Flawless Shore" provides a combination of bass-heavy drones and misty, mystical atmospheres for moments of deep contemplation and total inner silence. Furthermore "Carbon Emission" indulges in a cold, more sci-fi leaning atmosphere with its brooding bass movements, unsettling crackles and undeniably intense vibe evoking memories both of the still unbeaten 'Alien' trilogy as well as the classic 1995 debut "Dead Vent 7" produced by Single Cell Orchestra whilst "Disaster In Slow Motion" presents a slowly evolving take on, again, glacial Drone Ambient and the final "Deluvium" sees Natura Est embarking on a journey leading them even further into the lands of dreamy, slow moving Ambient sounds. So if this is your preferred musical playground go check this out.


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