Saturday, September 28, 2019

Deko Depp / Letters [split tape]

Sitting in our postbox only recently was this mysterious split tape cassette release put on the circuit by an unknown source, probably even the artists themselves. With the A-side "Schwärmen / Schweigen" seemingly produced by Deko Depp we're exposed to a take on collage'esque slow motion TripHop and Phonk somewhat reminiscent of raw twisted sound experiments once committed by labels like Hotel Lotte or the likes of, plus more cut up sample layers, whereas the flipside by Letters is titled "Bitter Engine" and brings forth more of a clean, dry and well thought out Electro / ElectroPhonk attitude which surely is about to be appreciated by all those loving labels like Pharma, Central Processing Unit or long vanished projects like Freddy Fresh presents Nitrate to bits up to this day. This is real underground.

Tape artwork on Instagram!


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