Sunday, November 17, 2019

Essen Jazz Orchestra - Road Works [Umland Records 027]

Fresh on the circuit via the Essen-based Umland Records label is "Road Works", the first full on artist album catered by the Essen Jazz Orchestra. With their debut stretched out over two CD's, the first covering the 42 minutes spanning title track / composition in three parts whilst the second is home to another seven additional cuts we see the orchestra project, led by Tobias Schütte, employ a classic BigBand setup to provide an epicly cinematic suite for a start, touching base with Jazz Noir, brooding potential score works - check the intro sequence of "Road Works Part Two" for this - and buzzing, busy large scale arrangements keeping the whole orchestra in check all at once as a captivating, enthralling introduction to their musical work. The second part of the album caters even more large scale drama in terms of arrangements and performance with tunes like "Toys Noise" not only telling a story in itself but also making waves on advanced Jazz dancefloors whereas "The Wheel-Dealer" brings forth a more ballad'esque, romantic and emotional aspect of the groups work and "The Essence Of Air" provides the most sophisticated late night Bar Jazz you could even think of just to name a few. If you're a Jazz lover, this defo is a worthwhile addition to your collection for sure. Check.

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