Saturday, November 16, 2019

Jean-Philippe Gross - Curling [Eich 001]

Put on the circuit via the freshly launchend Eich imprint on September 5th, 2k19 is Jean-Philippe Gross' conceptual mini album / EP piece "Curling" - a one track release stretching out over the course of 22 minutes total playing time on which the French composer pairs the actual recording of a curling match with electro-acoustic textures. Focusing on mostly bass heavy, ambient'ish drone movements musically we see Jean-Philippe Gross layer commentators, trainers, actual sports players, audience and ambience noise on top in the very forefront of the recordings mix, with audible voices using both Dutch and English or other languages in terms of communication. These voices, totally isolated and decontextualized from what's visually happening in the match, provide quite an irritating level of disturbance both sonically and mentally as the listeners brain desperately tries to make sense of two totally unconnected and independent audio events happening at the same time which, over the course of the compositions runtime, causes an interesting and well twisted trance-inducing effect if one is willing to sit through the whole tune after overcoming the initial disorientation and topsyturvication.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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