Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Frett - The World As A Hologram [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Scheduled for release via Poland-based label Gusstaff Records on September 4th, 2k20 is "The World As A Hologram" which sees Maciej Frett of Job Karma-fame going solo in an electronic manner employing the solo alias Frett on this eight tracks and roughly 40 minutes spanning album. Pairing dark, full on Industrial vocals with a fascinating take on Future Pop somewhat evoking memories of Atari Teenage Riot's  late 2014 album "Reset" in cuts like "Dreams" whilst going deep, sci-fi, atmospheric and almost Tron'esque in the epic, spacetime defying "Two Cups" whereas the subsequent "Trust" perfectly embraces ElectroTech-dancefloors with its clean, minimal approach and masterly sculpted string works and"Flag" weighs in thundering drums of the apocalypse alongside desperate, distorted vocals in good old Future Industrial fashion. Furthermore "The Light" brings in a silver lining at the dystopian horizon not unlike Cosmic Baby a.k.a. Cosmic Inc. did in his 1994 classic "Futura" vibewise, "Isolation" weighs in pure percussion anger, deeply hypnotic, yet well unsettling female vocals as well as gooey retrofuturist synth melodies and signals of doom and destruction, the "Judge" indulges deeply in a cyber reality of sorts and finally being "Holy" comes down to listening to ethereal spheres and solemn vocal spread out like a sheet over a masterly sculpted electronic rhythm foundation. Excellent. Top drawer.


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