Saturday, October 31, 2020

Gintas K - Sound & Spaces [Powdered Hearts Records 036]

Coming in via mail all the way from Lithuania recently was "Sound & Spaces", the latest album outing created by Gintas Kraptavicius a.k.a. Gintas K for the US-based label Powdered Hearts Records. Released as a highly limited glitter cassette tape edition of 40 copies worldwide the seven tracks provided by the long-standing composer who has been on the experimental electronic music circuit since 1994 once again dive deep into the realm of hyper-abstract sound explorations, fusing a foundation of crisp, highly digital crackles, scrapes, crunches and feedback noises which make up the forefront foundation of basically all compositions on this album whilst the oftentimes intricate, in part slightly more harmonic, details and atmospheres are oftentimes hidden deep in the background of the mix, only revealing themselves to the most observant and attentive listener throughout the first listening session whilst others might need several takes to truly embrace every deep layer provided by Gintas K over the course of "Sounds & Spaces". A demanding longplay outing for true avantgarde connaisseurs.


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