Saturday, October 17, 2020

Michalis Moschoutis - Classical Mechanics [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian imprint Room40 on October 2nd, 2k20 is "Classical Mechanics", the most recent four track album composed by Athens / Greece-based artist Michalis Moschoutis who - inspired by classical principles of physics and pre-physics as well as action and reaction as an inseperable pair of conjoined, intertwined terms - recorded and captured simple sonic observations, glued together without the intent of leaving any hint for interpretation except for the listeners very own experience. In "Archery" this results in a combination of dramatic, single minor scale piano chords in conjunction with intricate cracklings and what seem to be by supersubdued reed instruments whereas the title track "Classical Mechanics" reveals close-up movements of clanging metal strings and wires which, together with warm, all embracing Ambient textures and echoes of highly digital Electronica, have a dreamlike, slighty psychedelic and well comforting effect on us, especially in headphone listening sessions. Furthermore "Soft Tissue" introduces beautifully droning, well scenic atmospheres and vibratos building up towards a noisy, intimidating crescendo as a backdrop for carefully plucked strings and tender vintage clicks and crackles before the final cut that is "Sounio" fuses tender piano notes, the calming sound of moving water on a perfect summers day alongside fading percussion events of accelerating speed and nervous respiratory sounds to form a well harmonic and beautiful closing for this longplay piece.


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