Thursday, October 15, 2020

Ustad Saami - Pakistan Is For The Peaceful [Glitterbeat Records 097]

Released by the ever active Glitterbeat imprint on October 9th, 2k20 is "Pakistan Is For The Peaceful", the sophomore album outing for Pakistani Surti master Ustad Saami who is considered to be the last living purveyor of his craft and art which is a kind of Islamic devotional music even pre-dating the ancient Qawwali style. Recorded live in his Karachi-based rooftop home the entire album features a total of three tracks with two of them stretched out to or even breaking the 20 minutes playtime barrier his second longplayer sees the now 76 years old artist being accompanied by his quartet of sons as (response) vocalists and on traditional instruments like tambura and tabla whilst providing a beautiful, captivating and ever droning journey lead by microtonal vocal modulations practised and refined over an entire lifespan, emotionally touching and fascinating even for non-religious listeners, telling sonic tales of deep devotion as well as of century- or even millenia-old traditions and a hot desert sun burning down relentlessly on ever dust covered settlements, dry lands and their hard-working, ever struggling inhabitants leading a simple life of hard, physically demanding work and unchanging, deeply rooted religious beliefs. A fascinating document of a soon to be extinct artform. Not only recommended to those interested in Ethnic Music / World Music research but also to those loving their Ambient / Ritual Ambient / Deep Listening Music for a reason. Get.

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