Friday, October 16, 2020

New Hermitage - Unearth [self-released]

Once again put out on the circuit independently and without the additional help of a label is "Unearth", the fifth and latest full length album release by Halifax / Montreal based band outfit New Hermitage. Released on September 17th, 2k20 the eleven tracks and roughly 36 minutes spanning longplayer sees the 2017-founded four piece project led by reed play Andrew MacKelvie on an explorative journey in sound, bringing on an entirely acoustic, improv-informed take on stripped down, highly intimate contemporary Chamber Music of sorts which is aware of the most tender of musical interactions as showcased best in the melancholic, slightly droning late night piece that is "Moss | Rust" with its slow melodic movements and carefully plucked strings which also play a multi-layered, corresponding role in the follow up studies "Skeletons" as well as "Pine Bottle Skylight", both being surely infused by most minimal Post-PostRock / Ambient PostRock out there, whereas the second to last cut named "Desertification" does not only sport our favorite track title on this album but also fuses most caressing guitar and harp interactions with beauteous autumnal atmospheres just to pick a few recommended cuts for those who want to dig deeper into the sound of New Hermitage. One for candle lit late night listening sessions.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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