Saturday, October 31, 2020

Gabriella Smart - Inner Cities Composed By Alvin Curran [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh album released via Australian Ambient staple Room40 on October 2nd, 2k20 is "Inner Cities Composed By Alvin Curran", the latest muscial rendering brought to us by piano player Gabriella Smart who is presenting four unedited live recordings of her personal interpretation of parts of Alvin Curran's large scale composition "Inner Cities" all of which were captured live and direct at Studio 520 of ABC Classic FM in Adelaide back in 2013. Following not only the notation scheme as well as the specific instructions of how to play it we are experiencing Smart going from tender, beauteous, yet repetetive schemes in the nearly 25 minutes spanning "Inner Cities 1" to equally tender albeit slightly darker and melancholia-infused minimalisms in the subsequent "Inner Cities 2" whilst "Inner Cities 5" presents a livelier, well busy approach with its dense, dreamlike highspeed clusters and thundering rides and "Inner Cities 11 - Agilio, Oglio, Peperoncino Blues" leaves us with a warm, yet somewhat lonely winter night sadness, providing us with an intimate, very revealing personal take on pieces she had spend months, if not years, with on tour, introducing them to an audience on stage for many many nights on end. Defo recommended for friends and followers of Contemporary Classical unprocessed piano composition. A deep candlelight album, this.


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