Sunday, November 01, 2020

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2k20

01. Combat Dubs - Combat Dubs II [Intrauterin Recordings 007]
Check announcement post for details and soundfiles...

02. Freddy Fresh - Analog EP [Assemble Music 024]
Fred Schmid a.k.a. Frederick Schmid a.k.a. Freddy Fresh is one of the ever active yet widely unsung heroes of the electronic music scene despite having achieved even chart success alongside Fatboy Slim and a well impressive catalogue of releases built over the past 25+ years on the circuit. With his latest 12", the "Analog EP", Mr. Schmid unearthes more excellent gems from his archive and brings forth two timeless and jacking analog Acid jams backed by two more driving Electro cuts for peak time robo dancefloors, all of which have been produced in the 90s but are still as fresh and relevant as ever. Class.

03. Doris Norton - Chagrin Et Plaisir: 25th Anniversary Edition Part_1 [No Pizza Rave 012]
This is brutal. Originally released back in 1995 via Musik Research these four tracks showcase the wide musical variety of long-standing Italian experimental music researcher and Hardcore producer Doris Norton to a deep and braincell crushing level that's hardly reached by any of today's Hardcore releases. From psychotic, rave-oriented Acid madness to deadly BrokenTechno, Gabba excursions with tongue-in-cheek sample abuse and violent, apocalytic filter works as well as Experimental Hardcore these cuts have been unearthed at exactly the right time to provide a well suitable soundtrack for the ongoing and quickly progressing decay of the human civilization. Beware: will kill and mentally destroy the faint-hearted.

04. Master Plan - Electric Baile / Pushin' Too Hard *Gerd Janson & Enzo Elia Edits [Running Back Super Sound Singles 005]
Seductive grooves are seductive, even more if they're unearthed from the very early days of electronic club music. Originally released in the mid-80s both "Electric Baile" and "Pushin' Too Hard" are sitting well within the (Proto)House drawer musically, yet are slightly influenced by a genre once known and referred to as Latin Freestyle. Carefully edited and modified for today's dancefloor needs whilst staying close and respectful to the original vibe this is quite an essential 12" for true lovers of uplifting and well sexy dancefloor goodness.

05. Alan Dixon - Piano Drop EP [Running Back Records 092]
ItaloHouse! Pianos! Cheese! Goodness and echoes of 80s AcidHouse as well! These are the, partly well over the top, ingredients to be found in Alan Dixon's latest vinyl outing for the Running Back label which is, by far, the most uplifting and positive 12"es released recently. A true peak time piece for future dancefloors.

06. Hi-RYZE - Bitter Pill [Yozmaz Productions 010]
See review for details...

07. Scott Grooves - Over You [Modified Suede Recordings 008]
Sought after by many for a long time this epicly long and beautiful VocalHouse edit by Scott Grooves finally popped up in record stores on a one-sided whitelabel 12" a while ago and weighs in everything connaisseurs of classic GarageHouse do love for a reason: deep emotional strings, lovely piano lines and soulful, dramatic vocals spread all over the tunes entire playtime. This is timeless and yet even more 90s than the 90s ever have been.

08. Shadowdrum - Matin Bleu [Mountain People 016]
Do you remember Minimal Funk? The style and term once invented and pursued by Steve Bug and like-minded DJ's / producers for their take on stripped down, minimalistic House music? Well, whilst the originators have long moved on we see the Swiss imprint Mountain People working hard on a resurgence of this specific style these days, with their new 12" produced by Shadowdrum providing a triplet of tunes exactly fitting the Minimal Funk drawer whilst providing decent fodder for all those looking for timeless late night DeepHouse cuts as well.

09. CSVO - Basic Cuts EP [Cheezy Crust Records 004]
See review for details...

10. NO MORE - The End Of The World [Rent A Dog]
See review for details...


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