Monday, November 02, 2020

Martin Küchen - Det Försvunnas Namn [Thanatosis Produktion Promo]

Released via Thanatosis Produktion on October 23rd, 2k20 is "Det Försvunnas Namn", the latest full length album outing carved out by Swedish artist / composer Martin Küchen which also serves as the final piece of an ongoing album trilogy also including his longplayer "Lieber Heiland, Lass Uns Sterben" which we've reviewed on these pages in late 2017. Conceptually following a meta scheme of various historical references of usually unnamed nature Küchen once again approaches his instrument of choice, the saxophone, from a variety of angles, not only in terms of playing in different but going as far as physically altering or manipulating the instrument in itself which finally results in a ten track menu of mostly improvised cuts spread out over the course of roughly 40 minutes. Opening with the highly marine melancholia infused "I" Martin Küchen sets a well Ambient-leaning, yet also Future Jazz-informed and surely somewhat misleading tone for the journey to come which includes pressed microtonal recordings of air passing through the (partly submerged ?) instruments body in pieces like the subsequent "Sheer Life Asleep", the elegic title track "Det  Försvunnas Namn" in which the artists solo performance is enhanced by an underlying deep layer of classical Classical Music from speakers built into his instrument whilst "Hippopotami Mit Mensch" oozes pure brutal violence and utter nightmare inducing horror whereas "Lilla Atem Choir" makes heavy use of the stereo field in terms of sending amplified respiratory noises into the consumers ears from various angles, causing a well unsettling effect especially in headphone listening sessions just to name a few. This is a dark one.


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