Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Eisold Camatta Degenhardt - Luxus Fluxus [Umland Records 040]

Put out on the circuit only recently via Essen's most active Umland Records label is "Luxus Fluxus", the first ever full on collaborational album recorded by the musical triumvirate comprised of Peter Eisold, Simon Camatta and Karl F. Degenhardt recording under the conjunctional, and shortened, moniker Eisold Camatta Degenhardt. Recorded and conceived throughout a two days session that took place in Mülheim An Der Ruhr / Germany the three musicians form their sound based on a foundation of percussion and drum sounds fused with 'objects' and electronics, boiling down the essence of their collaboration to an astounding 15 tracks rolled out over the course of only 41 minutes, sporting well tongue-in-cheek titles like "Tee Im Harem Des Epidemiologen", "Lineares Für Lineal" or "Die Glocken Der Harmonie" amongst many others whilst exploring a quite humorous sonic universe based on oftentimes stumbling, abstract and slightly clumsy, yet at the same time well funky rhythm signatures, sudden crescendoes, intricate, tender and highly detailed layerings, playful and friendly little motifs as well as free floating experimentation in tunes like the title track "Luxus Fluxus" or "Introducing The Triptydudes". Defo a new, and next, evolutionary step for the label in terms of redefining and further bending the boundaries of what Jazz is or can be in 2k21 whilst even speaking to those still remembering more electronic-leaning acts like Groenland Orchester with tunes like "Raven Raven" or even dabbling with dubbed out, minimalist Electronica vibes in "Postabstraktionismus Zwei [A, B, C]". Check.


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