Monday, April 19, 2021

Richard Chartier - Interreferences [Room40 Promo]

Another new album released by Australian imprint Room40 on March 29th, 2k21 is Richard Chartier's "Interreferences" - not: interferences ! -, a six pieces and roughly 58 minutes spanning longplay affair which once again sees the long standing artist exploring the realm of ultraminimalism in electronic composition. With all pieces named "Interreference. (add number here)", yet not being subsequently numbered, the LA-based composer provides a calm, near static yet ever so slowly evolving take on Drone-infused Deep Listening Music, partly infused with a feel of deserted atmospheric desolation and an explorative approach towards carefully arranged, yet speaker shaking low end pulses which provide a more powerful, ground shaking impact than most releases and compositions to be found within this specific field. If you're fond of and familiar with the works of artists like Francisco Lopez, Daniel Menche, Tarkatak and likeminded composers this album shall be a worthwhile addition to your collection for a reason. Check.


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