Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Todd Anderson-Kunert - You Promised [Room40 Promo]

Recently released via the Australian imprint Room40 on April 9th, 2k21 is "You Promised", the latest album outing created by Castlemaine-based producer and composer Todd Anderson-Kunert. Split into two bigger pieces, the four part composition "Taken" followed by the three parts of "Given", Anderson-Kunert's 31 minutes and 31 seconds spanning release explores a deep, ruminant path in terms of sonic minimalism, starting out with a sequence of harmonic tone pulses accompanied by spatial, voluminous, well comforting and somewhat womb-like low end movements which, overall, do not follow a specific time signature but, instead, monolithically float and hover beyond any known definition of space and time like a secluded sculpture, a microverse of sound and existence, a meditative realm that - in its second half - even introduces a more playful, tender and very carefully arranged approach towards most beautiful, nightly and minimalist Piano Ambient for lovers - yet well without the kitsch aspect that often comes, or at least is generally associated, with this style. Good stuff.


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