Thursday, April 22, 2021

Trojan Panda - Peau [Carton Records 014]

Put out on the circuit as 014 of the Lyon / France-based label Carton Records is "Peau", the new, seven tracks and roughly 50 minutes spanning album by five piece outfit Trojan Panda which is centered around Jozef Dumoulin's idea to combine a 70s Alternative Rock touch with the vibe of Jazz- and otherwise classically trained musicians playing instruments they're not necessarily well versed in. Following this approach over the course of the past five years Trojan Panda fuses the sound of three guitars with bass and drums on this longplayer, resulting in an atmospherically dense, ever meandering flow of greyscale'ish desolation PostRock - think: Village Of Savoonga -, paired with echoes of echoes of dubbed out Industrial vibes, the artschool-leaning distortions and feedbacks that were also prevalent in Germany's famed Ingenious Dilletantes-movement which, especially in a cut like "Sylvie Coiffure", seem to be harking back to the era of Psychedelic Rock indeed, yet present more of a very singular and unique angle on improvisational guitar music, sitting in a timeless drawer of its own which is yet to be named but defo is speaking to followers of darkest and most experimental (No)Wave, PostPunk and abstract  Hardcore from the cold war- / iron curtain-era alike. Quite a trip, this. Check.

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