Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A Tonic For The Troops - Ambush [Odin Records]

Released via Odin Records on April 16th, 2k21 is "Ambush", the eight tracks and 63 minutes spanning debut album by the Ellen Brekken-led quartet that is A Tonic For The Troops. Based on a foundation of bass, piano, saxophone and drums this hour long musical nod to the history of British colonialism plagued by malaria - and cured by gin & tonic - provides a spine-tingling musical journey from the dramatic, furious uptempo Jazz opener "The Capitulation Of Alexandria" which indeed, like many of Ellen Brekken's compositions, draws inspiration from the historic event to the deeper late night standard to be that is "Marc's Lament", the extended, well cinematic and carefully layered dreamworld intro of the ever meandering "Blue Nile", the playful, uplifting and masterfully executed title cut that is "Ambush" - a future favorite for all Jazz DJs for sure due to its captivating groove and high octane performance - as well as the sweet, romantic and well intimate harmonies and the innate golden age twist of "1 Welgelegen Road" just to  pick a few favorites here. One for classic Jazz afficionados, this.

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