Monday, May 10, 2021

Sweeney - Misery Peaks [Sound In Silence 081]

Freshly released on March 27th, 2k21 via the Greek imprint that is Sound In Silence is "Misery Peaks", the new, eight tracks and 38 minutes spanning album by Australian composer Jason Sweeney a.k.a. Sweeney who has also released on Sound In Silence under his musical nom de guerre Panoptique Electrical before. With "Misery Peaks" we experience Sweeney presenting a further evolution of the sonic path he explored with his 2019 album "Human Insignificant", an obvious progression which leads the artists songwriting away from soft piano tones of its predecessor into sparse, minimalistic and partially even Industrial leaning realms of dark, brooding, yet dreamy Leftfield Pop and extremely stripped down SynthPop spheres telling tales of hurt and broken-ness, not only through captivating vocals but even moreso through brilliant sound sculptures, clean, crushing beats and brooding, thundering low end movements especially prevalent in songs - yes, songs! - like "Kid", brittle arrangements found in the wonderful ballad that is "Please Accept My Love", the drilling, Noize-driven sonic intro warfare of "Sun" which surprisingly turns from Sci-Fi Industrial into what can be best described as a touching, melancholia infused Synth Folk piece whilst "Solitear" is as desolate as Isolationist SynthPop could ever be just to name a few favorites here. Excellent stuff. Get.

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