Friday, May 14, 2021

Microtub - Sonic Drift [Sofa Music]

Fresh on the circuit via Norwegian staple Sofa Music is "Sonic Drift", the fifth album release by the famed Microtub project which - as its name might suggest - focuses on the compositional realm of microtonal tuba music. Featuring two slightly extended pieces, the title track "Sonic Drift" as well as "The Pederson Concerto", the May 7th, 2k21-released album clocks in at around 27 minutes total playtime, once again presenting a somewhat klaxon'esque array of droning, layered tuba pulses with a calm, Ambient-leaning, yet organic and emotionally touching quality which is rarely to be found in the realm of conceptual and minimalistic Avantgarde sounds these days. Therefore highly recommended, not only for fans of Deep Listening Music.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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