Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Alberto Braida / Giancarlo Nino Locatelli - From Here To There [We Insist! Records]

Scheduled for release via the ever active Monza-based imprint that is We Insist! Records on May 14th, 2k21 is "From Here To There", the latest full length album result of the 25 years spanning collaboration between Italian composers and artists Alberto Braida and Giancarlo Nino Locatelli. Based on a foundation of their chosen instruments with Braida on piano and Locatelli on clarinet the duo caters a nine tracks and roughly 40 minutes spanning journey into a very nightly, very intimate and most of all very close-up recorded Jazz realm with slightly noir'esque twist in compositions like "Counterpoint" or "Tropus" , a tender and comforting listening experience which, at least in parts, even evokes memories of the feel and atmosphere of Chamber Music even though this phrase usually is rather associated with Classical or (Neo)Classical Music than with Jazz as a genre.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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