Thursday, May 20, 2021

Andreas Davids & Sven Phalanx - A Psychedelic Trip To Space [Infacted Recordings]

Put out on the circuit digitally via Infacted Recordings as well as a highly limited, self-released physical CD-r edition of 50 copies created by the artists is "A Psychedelic Trip Into Space", the combined longplay effort cooked up by German producers Sven Phalanx and Andreas Davids, the latter of those better and more widely known for his Xotox project. On their conjunctional album we see the two producers aiming for the planets - as well as the now degraded dwarf planet Pluto - of our solar system as well as the neighbouring star (system) Alpha Centauri with a well interesting and somewhat even radio play resembling combination of Electronica / IDM and truly spaced out, slightly retrofuturist (Neo)Cosmic-leaning sci-fi synth sounds, garnished with samples seemingly nicked from space documentaries, driving mid-tempo Breakbeat sequences ("Venus"), large scale atmospheric movements and other goodness for a chill and comforting, yet thrilling deep listening experience. Those who remember German late night tv programs like HR3 Space Night which provided a backdrop for many a ravers afterhour sessions or house parties will 100% love this for a reason. Music for the mind.


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