Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Korr - Tombe De La Voute: Series 'Travelling' [We Insist! Records]

Another fresh release on the ever active imprint that is We Insist! Records is "Tombe De La Voute: Series 'Travelling'" by Korr, a trio project formed by three seasoned improvisers - Michel Doneda, Andrea Grossi and Filippo Monico - which met in this specific constellation for the first time, taking on the task of a basement recording session on January 18th, 2k19. The result is this 43 minutes spanning album - a collection of five pieces in total, one of them split into six distinct chapters - in which the three musicians, each a master in his own right, combine the power of sax, double bass and percussions, carefully building each and every single composition from scratch, adding layer after layer working their way from oftentimes tentative beginnings to minimalistic, yet intense and highly abstract improv madness which is not only making use of dynamic changes but also seems to have the musicians moving within the 3D space around the recording microphone to fully use and embrace the spatiality of their makeshift recording environment, adding another layer and dimension to their highly avantgarde-leaning FreeJazz / Improv sound which is most likely to speak to a niche audience of those well versed and experienced in these genres whereas those not in the know might rather opt out for a reason.

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