Sunday, April 25, 2021

NO MORE - W.K.V.B.Z.: Sketches Of An Imaginary Soundtrack [self-released]

Put on the circuit earlier this year by German PostPunk- / (No)Wave-legends NO MORE as a special DIY art release is their latest, and well cryptically named, album "W.K.V.B.Z.: Sketches Of An Imaginary Soundtrack" - an extended, 22 songs spanning longplayer exclusively available via the bands Bandcamp page. With no clue given about the meaning or origin of the titles inscrutable abbreviation we see NO MORE exploring a sonic sphere that could be turned into a proper score / soundtrack indeed, starting with the tense, brooding and score'esque (Neo)Classical / Synth fusion that is the "WKVBZ Theme", followed by the elegic instrumental "On The Rooftop" which evokes fond memories of Eyeless in Gaza's 1981-released longplayer "Caught In Flux" whereas pieces like "D. Shoots Up" bring forth fascinating greyscale riddims and haunted atmospheres, "Die Clique" dabbles in dreamy, surprisingly AOR- / Yacht-leaning sundown vibes whereas "Drifters In The Night" draws all frill-clad creatures of the night onto sparsely lit underground dancefloors, "Subway To The Stars" harks back to the days of early Cosmic Synth and Berlin School for a mere 75 seconds, "A Night At The Zoo" defo will speak to fans and collectors of Ambient and advanced IDM / ChillOut - think FSOL once again - and "Le Beat De Coeur" weighs in some banging electronic beats, driving Moroder basslines and ProtoTrance-like melodic layers for all the ravers and clubheads just to name a few. The most essential, mostly instrumental and mostly PostPunk-leaning album you'll find on the scene this year. Get.


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