Monday, April 26, 2021

Luise Volkmann & LEONEsauvage - Dreams To Come [Umland Records 041]

Set to be released via Essen / Germany-based label Umland Records as their 041 on May 21st, 2k21 is "Dreams To Come", the new longplay effort by Luise Volkmann & LEONEsauvage. Initially initiated by Cologne-based sax player x composer Luise Volkmann in 2k16 as a reaction to the well harsh urban social environment she experienced in Paris the mostly FreeJazz- / Improv-leaning project has undergone several changes and evolutionary steps within the five years that have passed since it came to be, now culminating in a seven tracks and roughly 43 minutes spanning journey that perfectly reflects the truly international roots and approach of the ensemble with its members originating from various parts of the world, each bringing new ideas and innate cultural implementations to the table. This said, we find African and Latin-leaning rhythm signatures, Tribal chants, dramatic stage pieces that could well be transported into the now from the golden era of Broadway performances and x or early feature films ("Preacher"), Dope Beats, screaming, over the top sax improvisations as well as fascinating piano rides, action-fueled score arrangements plus, a well usual feat for a project of this nature, a good portion of vocals drawing influences from somewhat Alt- or Psychedelic Rock-infused scenes as well as classic Jazz and Broadway stage pieces, Spoken Word, ancient Nordic Commune Folk / work songs and even hints of protest chants, all falling together in a well dramatic way that needs to be at least heard once by every genre connaisseur - and many folks beyond that specific realm - for a reason. Proper good. Check.

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